The Story Behind the brand Crazy Safety

The story behind

It all started when Zdenko Oliver Santini was in 8th grade and wearing a bicycle helmet became the norm in his Danish hood. Zdenko found regular bicycle helmets boring to look at, so he used cardboard, glue, and his creativity to make the first version of what would become Crazy Safety helmets in the future.

Years later, he teamed up with the well-known German company ABUS (August Bremicker und Söhne) and their Nordic CEO Kim Møller-Nielsen, who brought the helmets to life with their team. The first model was launched in 2009, and since then, the products have been improved using new techniques, and several other accessories have been launched as well.

In 2018, Zdenko and Kim took over the rights to Crazy Safety and launched their own company, changing to an e-commerce (end user) perspective while also strengthening their good relationship with the high number of dealers.

Since the launch, Crazy Safety products have sold more than 1 million units worldwide. It’s amazing to think that a product created in Zdenko’s childhood is now being used by so many school kids.

Dreams really do come true!