Our philosophy...

Be unique and useful

The market is flooded with indifferent products created without a look for usability and design. At Crazy Safety, we strive to bring products to the market that have uniqueness. We use new technology to bring our costs down so we can prove that usable products don’t necessarily need to be unaffordable for normal people.

Our flagship product line is the bicycle Animal helmets for kids. We call it the safiest helmet in the world – simply it is because it is the helmet the kids will never forget to wear!

We are always looking for strong B2B partners to sell our products in the market. In Europe, we are looking for retailers (offline and online)- Join us here!

Outside of Europe, we are working with distributors. Here you can see a list of our current partners – we are always open to talk about your market if we do not have a distributor already!

Who are using our products?

At Crazy Safety, we strive to add a bit of color to the world. We do this with our lines of functional and innovative products. You can find our bicycle helmets in almost every corner of the world.

Most of our products are designed for – and used by – kids. Our Animal-line of Crazy Safety bicycle helmets is a great example of what we aim to do: to provide quality products that make our customers life’s more colorful with a twist of safety or functionality.

Most of our products are used by kids. As we typically bring products to the market which has more ‘life’ than normal products, it is very attractive to kids. We have a deep understanding of the kid’s way of thinking from many years of experience working with and for another Danish brand, LEGO.

We love to see our products being used in the everyday life of families!


On most of our unique styles, we are making sure to have design protection or patent. Geographically, we are covering the main markets in China, USA and Europe


Since introducing the concept of 3D animated bicycle helmets more than 10 years ago, over 1 million products have been sent to the market.


We love the engagement from users of our products, and we are proud that more than 10.000 people are following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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